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Class One Location

Class One – the certificate for best business locations is our label for locations where you can expect more in every regard. Only locations that meet our criteria can call themselves Class One Location and will be recommended as outstanding business location by us.

price categories
daily rateCHF
category A131 - open end
category B111 - 130
category C90 - 110
category D0 - 89
seminar rateCHF
category A> 450
category B< 450
category C< 350
category D< 250
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business hours: monday to friday from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 6 pm

Meetings in a chalet or in the great outdoors

Imagine taking your team on a hike up a mountain and enjoying breath-taking views, all while developing new ideas. Or how about gathering for a brainstorming session in the middle of a forest? There are many ways to do something out of the ordinary, to find inspiration and encourage creativity. “Back to the roots” is the magic formula. Breaking with routine makes work a pleasure while at the same time promoting cohesion and group dynamics.

A get-together on a big wheel

An exclusive and impressive way to surprise and fascinate customers. First, there's a red carpet arrival followed by evening cocktails suspended in mid-air overlooking the city, and finally a product presentation or get-together, for example. Events like these attract media attention and generate lasting memories for those who attend them.

Seminars down a mine

Every considered working underground? This way, you can focus on the job at hand without distractions, yet be in touch with history and the roots of your company. So why not set a counterpoint to your hectic, lives and work in this digital age? That way you can achieve your goals while working hard in the seclusion of the Swiss mountains.

Six reasons to choose Swiss Sales

everything suggests Swiss Sales is the best choice!

1. Personal advice with commitment and passion

2. Cost optimisation through clear offer comparisons

3. Saves time for other important projects

4. Tried-and-tested quality given 25 years of MICE know-how

5. 48-hour offer service

6. Planning and support for more than 1500 events a year

Still not convinced?

MICE around the world!

Time differences, language barriers, intercultural misunderstandings, exploding budgets though unexpected extra costs: all this is avoidable. We’ll conceive, plan and organise your event worldwide. We handle everything, from location and speaker scouting to the overall organisation. Our international contacts and many years of experience ensure you’re always on the safe side.

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