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Class One Location

Class One – the certificate for best business locations is our label for locations where you can expect more in every regard. Only locations that meet our criteria can call themselves Class One Location and will be recommended as outstanding business location by us.

price categories
daily rateCHF
category A131 - open end
category B111 - 130
category C90 - 110
category D0 - 89
seminar rateCHF
category A> 450
category B< 450
category C< 350
category D< 250
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business hours: monday to friday from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 6 pm

Personality & Success

business etiquette, charism, strategies for success, memory training, body language, creativity, mental power, motivation, self and time management, work life balance etc.

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Communication & Motivation

business communication, thought-reading, humour, conflict management, body language, moderation, presentation techniques, recruiting, rhetoric, service and customer loyalty, team-building, negotiating skills etc.

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Marketing & Sales

branding, recommendation & event marketing, innovation marketing, sales motivation, customer service & loyalty, customer acquisition, pricing negotiations, sales rhetoric & -psychology etc.

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Management & Leadership

digitization, industry 4.0, Brexit, leadership 4.0, finance, science, resilience, globalisation, transformation, AI (Artificial Intelligence), big data, Europe, business disruption, demography, generation Y etc.

Medicine & Health

physical and mental fitness, stress management, fit for business, energy food, health management, sport, self-management, vitality, work-life balance, energy etc.

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