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business hours: monday to friday from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 6 pm

Team creativity, car manufacture

Build a vehicle as a group – irrespective of your relative positions in the hierarchy. This workshop encourages creativity and interchange within a team, generating shared experiences that motivate and increase team spirit. In no time at all, the teams make a car that is as original as possible while still being roadworthy with steering and brakes. Each team coordinates its own approach itself. The subsequent fun “race” is an opportunity to promote creativity and team spirit: Can the vehicle transport the entire team?
If desired, the workshop can also be supervised by a coach who observes and analyses the behaviour within the teams and makes inferences for the workplace.

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Fun in the sound studio

Record your favourite song at a recording studio. It’s not only entertaining, but also creative. Here’s how it works: you and your team go into a recording studio and rehearse and record the song of your choice using state-of-the-art technology. In the process, you will learn all about what is involved in putting a song on to a CD.
First off, a simple backing track is recorded. Does anyone in your team play an instrument? If they do, they take on this part. Alternatively, this is can be done by a professional musician on a piano or keyboard. Next the vocals are added. Finally, all the different tracks are carefully mixed together.
This event is fascinating for three reasons: it's a shared team experience, it’s great for people who like singing and it satisfies the curiosity of technology freaks.

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Escape room solving for groups

Imagine that you and your team are locked in a basement with exactly 60 minutes in which to escape. Would you accept the challenge? Left completely to your own devices, you have to search the dimly lit rooms for secret hiding places and doors, using a combination of curiosity and cleverness to work out the meanings of the mysterious objects and symbols you find. The most important element: teamwork! Only a cohesive team can manage to escape.
But don't worry: the event doesn't require any physical exertion – relying instead on nimble, inventive minds – and is neither dangerous nor scary in any way. Incidentally, only 30% of teams manage to flee the escape rooms in the allotted time.

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